EDIT INTERIOR SIGNS It is a common misconception that interior signs are less impactful than exterior signs. According to this survey conducted by the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati, nearly 68% of consumers believe that the signage within a business directly reflects the quality of products or services.

So while your outdoor signs are responsible for bringing customers into your business, your interior signs are responsible for accurately depicting your business’s quality to your consumers.

At Instant Signs, we want to help you achieve your business ambitions through your interior signs.

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What Are Interior Signs?

Interior signs cover a broad category of signage options for your business. Some common interior signs include:

  • Directional signs
  • Informational signs
  • Identification signs
  • Branding signs

Benefits of Interior Signs

Having good interior signs can improve the overall customer experience, which ultimately increases the likelihood of their return. Some of the benefits you can anticipate from properly outfitting your business with interior signs include:

ADA Compliance

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you are required by federal law to have specific types of indoor signs up throughout your building. Some of these required signs include the notation of handicap accessible areas, changing room locations, bathrooms, and more.

In-House Advertisement

Even once you have attracted your customers into your building, there are still opportunities all around to continue to advertise and promote your brand. Utilize indoor signs to draw your customer’s attention within the walls of your business.

Improve Atmosphere

Having artistically crafted indoor signs can help to liven up your business space. Make your customers feel welcome and help to promote their perception of your company through the use of indoor signs.


When you have custom interior signs throughout your building, especially in your lobby area, this will help better represent your brand and create a lasting positive first impression.

Design and Installation

From the design to installation of your monument signs, Instant Signs handles it all. Our team comes highly trained and consists of professional, including graphic designers, project managers, fabricators, and installers. Our goal at Instant Signs is to exceed your expectations through the entire process, from the design to the installation of your sign.

Service and Repairs

Here are Instant Signs, we don’t just handle ground-up monument signs. If your existing monument sign requires repair or only general service, our team is ready to serve you. We handle all types of sign services and repairs. Whether you are looking for service or repair on indoor or outdoor business signs, we will take care of it all.

Why Choose Instant Signs

Instant Signs is currently servicing the Greater Orange County Area. We fabricate and install a wide variety of custom indoor and exterior signs for all types of businesses, professional services, schools, and churches.

We are unlike any other sign company out there. When you choose Instant Signs, you know that you will be receiving all of the following:

Competitive pricing

Expert Guidance

Highly skilled & creative team

Prompt Service

Whether it’s a ground-up project or refurbishing an existing sign, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business for custom signs in Orange County.

Interior Signs by Instant Signs

At Instant Signs, we produce custom signs for Orange County, including monuments, pylon, and interior signs. We fabricate and install a wide variety of custom indoor and exterior signs for all types of businesses, professional services, schools, and churches.