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Business sign installation in Orange County

Take a look at the outside of your business. Are things still looking fresh and new? Or does it look like it could use some help?
If your answer is the latter, it might be time to change things around. It is essential to keep your signs well maintained and updated every few years to attract new and old customers. 

So, if you find yourself in need of some business rebranding with the help of a trusted sign shop in Orange County, you’re in luck. At Instant Signs Cypress, we want to help your business stand out against competitors.

Here is a list of signs that it might be time for new business signs.

Your Sign is Broken or Damaged

The most apparent indication that it is time for a new business sign is if your old sign is broken or damaged. Broken or damaged could mean a few different things, including:

  • Chipped paint
  • Weather damage
  • Missing parts
  • Broken bulbs

If any of these apply to you, it is time to upgrade your sign. Customers are not only less attracted to worn-down signs but are more likely to look at your business in a negative light because of it. Show your customers that you are dedicated to keeping your business well-maintained by replacing your Orange County shop’s signage when needed.

Your Sign Doesn’t Match Your Business

Your sign should be indicative of the type of business you conduct and act as an identifying factor. When you begin your business rebranding, we’ll help you find a sign that is perfectly unique for your business.

Your Sign is Dated

If your Orange County shop’s sign is old-fashioned and outdated, you might want to take some time to have it redesigned with a more modern touch. While it may seem unnecessary, it will surely help your business in the long run.

You Purchased Your First Sign on a Budget

It’s okay if you had a tight budget when you first purchased your sign, but as soon as you can, it should become a priority of yours to get it replaced. Customers might not take your business seriously if your sign is cheap or tacky-looking. If you are willing to pay the cost upfront, a well-designed sign from a professional Orange County sign shop is a business investment that is sure to pay off in the long run. 

You’ve Never Updated Your Sign

If you’ve never updated your sign since you started your business, it is likely time for a new sign and some business rebranding. You want to show your customers that you are committed to keeping your business running smoothly and updated.

Instant Signs is Your Business Sign Shop Serving Orange County 

Whether you are looking for a brand new project or hoping to refurbish an existing one, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business. Visit Instant Signs Cypress online or call 714-827-0100 for a sign quote today.

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