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 American Rentals monument sign

Monument Signs

Instant Signs is your trusted company sign maker providing high-quality, eye-catching monument signs in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our signs help boost your street visibility and make your business incredibly easy for potential customers to locate.

Monument signs are free-standing signs, sitting at ground level with a sleek, low profile, and providing commuters with a direct line of sight to your signage. This extremely versatile option has a wide range of design options to help make your sign stand out.

Michael Kors foam letter sign

Foam Letter Signs

Our experienced outdoor sign company also offers Foam letter signs as a cost-effective yet versatile option for interior or exterior signs. These signs are made from one of 3 premium materials:

Indoor-Rated, High Density Foam: With a dense core and tough yet smooth exterior, the thickness of this ‘Gatorfoam’ runs between one-half inch to two inches.

Outdoor-rated, Two-Pound Foam: Suitable for exterior signs, this foam comes in depths ranging from one inch to three inches.

High Density Urethane (HDU): This durable outdoor foam is designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions.

Wash & Go channel letter sign

Channel Letter Signs

As a trusted company sign maker, we know that custom channel letter signs can help your company stand out from the crowd. These bold signs allow for nearly endless customization options and can be constructed with the three-dimensional letters mounted independently or mounted on a raceway.

Channel letters are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces and can even be illuminated with eco-friendly LED lights for additional visibility.

Sunrun interior sign

Interior Signs

Instant Signs isn’t just an outdoor sign company. We also craft interior signs to powerfully express your business’s quality, atmosphere, and branding to your customers!

Interior signs cover a broad category of signage options for your business, with interior sign types including directional signs, informational signs, identification signs, and branding signs.

Indian Motorcycles pylon sign

Pylon Signs

Mounted on one or multiple poles and located away from other businesses, these signs are commonly referred to as Highway Signs or Road Signs and are easily viewed by potential customers while driving.

Instant Signs’ team of company sign maker experts are here to help you decide which sign is best for your business. For pylon signs, you’ll have the option to choose from custom Single-Pole Mount Signs, Twin-Pole Mount Signs, Covered Pole Signs, and Custom Lightbox Signs. Choose from illuminated (with LED fluorescent lamps) or non-illuminated styles to suit your needs.

1-800 Flowers box sign

Box Signs

These illuminated signs offer an affordable alternative to channel letter and 3D signs. Box signs feature translucent panels printed with the artwork that you supply and can be mounted on a pole for additional visibility.

Lit by sunlight from the front during the day and lit by LED lights from behind during the night, box signs are visible 24 hours a day. The translucent display panels are housed in a sturdy, weather-resistant box for years of trouble-free, eye-catching usage

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Instant Signs is your trusted indoor and outdoor sign making company serving Los Angeles and Orange County businesses. We’ve crafted uniquely custom, high-quality signage for a wide variety of customers including government organizations, schools, property management customers, and prevailing-wage customers.

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