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At Instant Signs, we’re on a mission to help you choose the proper signage and achieve your business ambitions. If you are looking for bold and bright lighted signage, channel letters might be the best option for your Orange County building.

Channel letters offer extensive customization among other benefits, but before we get into those details, let’s start with the basics.

A custom channel letter sign for a business called Wash & Go Laundry. Filename: laundry-channel-letter-sign

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letters are a unique form of signage in which each letter is a sign in and of itself. That is unless you mount your channel letters together on a raceway. Regardless of whether your channel letters are independent or mounted on a raceway, they will be distinct because of their three-dimensional design. You will often see examples of channel letters in Orange County at shopping malls, plazas, or medical buildings.

Benefits of Channel Letters

Choosing a channel letter sign for your Orange County business comes with a variety of benefits, which include:

Highly Customizable

There is a wide array of fabrication options for Orange County channel letter signs, meaning you can easily customize the size, color, and shape to your unique specifications.

Illumination Options

You have the option to illuminate your channel letters or not, although having them lighted provides visibility 24 hours a day for your Orange County building. If you do opt for illuminating your channel letters, we offer different lighting options, including front-lit, reverse-lit, or open face.

Indoor and Outdoor

Since there are so many customization options for channel letter signs, you can easily have them fitted for indoor or outdoor needs. Having similar signage in both indoor and outdoor environments helps to keep a more consistent brand image.


Channel signs are one of the more environmentally friendly options because you have the option to use LED modules for illumination. Not only are LED modules more energy-efficient, they will also last you for up to five years or longer in your sign.

Design and Installation

From the design to installation of your Orange County building’s lighted channel letters, Instant Signs handles it all! Our team comes highly trained and consists of signage professionals, including graphic designers, project managers, fabricators, and installers. Our goal at Instant Signs is to exceed your expectations throughout the entire process of customizing, designing, fabricating, and installing your Orange County business’s channel letter sign.

Service and Repairs

Here are Instant Signs, we don’t just handle ground-up channel letter signs. If your existing channel letter sign requires repair or general service, our team is ready to serve you. We handle all types of sign services and repairs, so whether you are looking for service on interior or exterior business signs, we will take care of it all.

Why Choose Instant Signs

Instant Signs is currently servicing the Greater Orange County Area with channel letter signs and more. We fabricate and install a wide variety of custom interior and exterior signs for all types of businesses, professional services, schools, and churches.

We are unlike any other sign company out there! When you choose Instant Signs, you know that you will be receiving all of the following:

Competitive pricing

Expert Guidance

Highly skilled & creative team

Prompt Service

Whether it’s a ground-up project or refurbishing an existing sign, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business for custom channel letter signs in Orange County.

Channel Letters by Instant Signs

At Instant Signs, we design, fabricate, and install custom signs for your Orange County business, including channel letters, pylon signs, and monument signs. We cater to a wide variety of custom interior and exterior signage needs, creating beautiful and durable signs for all types of businesses, professional services, schools, and churches. Call us today to book your free consultation with one of our signage experts!


At Instant Signs, we offer a plethora of customization options for our channel letters in Orange County, ensuring they perfectly match your brand’s identity and architectural aesthetics. You’ll choose from various sizes, colors, and shapes, along with illuminated lettering options like front-lit letters, backlit lettering, and open face for 24-hour visibility. This flexibility ensures that your custom letter displays and logo signage are entirely unique to your business, enhancing your exterior branding signs with a touch of sophistication.

Illuminated channel letters are a game-changer for Orange County businesses aiming for round-the-clock visibility. Whether you opt for front-lit, reverse-lit, or open-face lighting options, these 3D signage solutions ensure your retail storefront signage is bright and inviting at all hours. The use of LED modules for illumination not only offers an eco-friendly signage solution but also ensures long-lasting performance, making your business stand out 24/7.

Absolutely! Lighted building letters for Orange County businesses are incredibly versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our customization options extend to indoor environments, ensuring your architectural lettering signs maintain consistency and brand integrity wherever they’re placed.

Instant Signs prides itself on a comprehensive approach to signage fabrication and installation. Our skilled team, including graphic designers, project managers, fabricators, and installers, collaborates closely with you from the initial design phase through to the final installation. We utilize advanced signage fabrication techniques and adhere to meticulous signage installation procedures to ensure your channel letter signs exceed expectations in both design and durability.

Yes, we can! If your existing channel letters require repair, maintenance, or even an upgrade, our experienced team is well-equipped to handle your needs. We handle all aspects of sign repair and maintenance, ensuring your exterior and interior lighted building letters in Orange County continue to represent your brand effectively and attractively.