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Los Angeles & Orange County Monument Signs Installs

There are several different options for outdoor signage, but what is critical to all businesses is attracting the attention of drivers passing by. Some enterprises face difficulty due to the building’s design if the front is not immediately visible to the street.

Monument signs are one option to consider that can help to draw attention to your business significantly. Call Instant Signs and Banners for Orange County monument signs installs as you need. But first, let’s learn more about monument signs and how they can be good for your business.

All About Monument Signs

Monument signs are also known as architectural signs. These signs are sophisticated, classy, and a high-end way to provide signage for your business. Monument signs are commonly used for higher-end commercial properties in cities and entrances to subdivisions in the suburbs. 

The base of the sign is known as the monument, which can be created using various construction materials. You can then pair the base with any type of sign you wish to match your business more closely.

Types of Monument Signs

There are a few different monument sign options to choose from, depending on what matches your business’s personality best. Here are a few examples:

Sandblasted Signs

For a more sophisticated look, you can pair your monument base with a sandblasted sign. Sandblasted signs are frequently used for apartment entrances or subdivisions.

Reader or Message Boards

If your business has messages that change frequently, you might want to look into reader or message board options.

Routed Panels

Routed panels can take various shapes and forms, be illuminated or not, contour cut or radiused, or have an overall simple design. You can choose from nearly any materials for routed panels, and you can pair these with a monument base to help increase its impact.

Benefits of Monument Signs

There are several different benefits to utilizing monument signs for your business, including:

  • Highly customizable while staying compliant with local ordinances
  • Direct line of sight to anyone passing by
  • It can come in varying shapes and materials
  • Weather-resistant
  • Great for communities with height restrictions

Monument Signs From Instant Signs and Banners

Whether you are looking for a brand new project or hoping to refurbish an existing monument sign, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business. Visit Instant Signs and Banners online or call 714-827-0100 for a monument sign quote today.

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