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The steps in making a sign. This sign was initially going to be a non illuminated sign with two signs on each side of the building. When I sent the drawings into the city, the planning official said we’d have to make illuminated channel letters. This more than doubled the price of the original signs, but the finished product will be a marked improvement over the Acrylic/Foam letters. When hiring a sign contractor, you need to check their references, (reviews in social media), then go to the CSLB website to make sure their contractors license is in order. California contract law states that entering into a contract in excess of $500.00 will be an un enforceable contract, and you will have no recourse to make a claim as the illegal sign worker will not have a Bond or insurance, as all licensed contractors do. I was able to stop wasting more than $3,000 of my clients money by doing this the right way, and seeking the permission from the Building & Planning Department, and finding that the acrylic/foam signs would have been “RedTagged” by the code enforcement officer, and the signs would had have to have been removed, and the channel letters made in the end.

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