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Channel Letters on Raceways

Instant Signs channel letters spelling ULTRASONIDO

What are Raceway Mounted Channel Letter Signs?

If you are in search of a cost-effective and efficient way to mount channel letters to the outdoor façade of your building, look no further than raceway mounting! Channel letters on raceways are high-quality signs that you’ll notice first, and remember later, making this style one of the most attention-grabbing and popular options for businesses across North America.

Raceway mounted channel letter signs are arranged on a slim mounting structure called a raceway. If your sign is illuminated, the raceway also serves as the enclosure for each letter’s power supply and electrical wiring. Each of the letters on your sign will create a shadow on your building’s exterior, making your sign even more attention-grabbing — even from a distance.

Individual Letter Installation vs Raceway Mounting

When it comes to channel letter signs, raceway mounted styles deliver a higher level of convenience for many businesses. Without raceway mounting, each individual letter is mounted right onto the face of your building, all of the wiring must be done on site if the sign is illuminated, and it generally requires more drilling — all leading to a higher installation cost. Some companies still prefer the look of individual letters, and you can rest assured that both channel letter options will result in an eye-catching, professional, and long-lasting sign.

The Key Benefits of Raceway Mounted Channel Letter Signs for Businesses

Raceway mounted channel letter sign for an emergency ambulance area

Shopping malls, plazas, medical buildings, and countless other businesses choose the raceway style of channel letters for their many benefits. This signage type is popular for a reason!

Convenient Installation & Maintenance Processes

Channel letters mounted on a raceway will result in a faster and easier installation process, as well as less drilling and fewer mounting holes — both important considerations for many building owners or landlords. Should your sign require maintenance, the raceway mounting process also makes it easier to access any electrical components for repairs.

Endless Customization Options

Your channel letters can be fitted for indoor or outdoor needs, and their endless customization options ensure that they’ll help you achieve a consistent and attention-grabbing brand image.

Skilled technicians can produce raceway mounted channel letter signs in any typeface, color, and size. We can reproduce your existing logo, or help you settle on a completely new, custom design! Even in an area with many channel letter signs, your unique design will help you to stand out from the competition. For a professional look, your raceway channel letters will be designed to match the building’s façade, seamlessly blending into the background and making the letters appear even more striking.

Existing Plaza Rules

It’s possible that the shopping plaza that your business is located in may only allow channel letter signage. Having all of the businesses in a plaza utilize the same signage type provides a consistent, classy, and professional look. Don’t worry — your unique channel letters on a raceway will still stand out from the rest. We’ve got you covered!

Create Your Perfect Business Signage With Instant Signs

Whether you’re beginning a ground-up project or refurbishing an existing raceway mounted channel letter sign, we’re ready to hit the ground running and transform your business’s brand image. Looking for an alternative signage type to make your business stand out? In addition to channel letters on raceways, we fabricate a range of sign types including monument, pylon (pole), foam letter signs, and interior signs — all custom-made to serve your business best.

When you choose Instant Signs, you’ll enjoy competitive pricing, a reliable and highly-skilled team of experts, and all of the latest signage technologies. Our exceptional customer service sets us apart from the competition, and we can’t wait to wow you. Contact us today to book your free consultation with a signage expert.

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