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What is a Pylon Sign?

Looking to get your business noticed from a distance? A towering pylon sign can take your outdoor advertising and brand awareness to new heights. From the design to the installation of your custom pylon sign, Instant Signs’ team of highly-trained professionals is here to handle it all. Contact us today to book your free consultation, and get started on achieving your pylon signage dreams!

A single pole pylon sign for Conroy’s 1-800-flowers

What Exactly is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs, also known as pole or freestanding signs, are well known in the sign industry. Simply put, pylon signs are outdoor signage that is mounted on a very high single pole, or double poles. Pylon signs can be one-sided or double-sided, depending on the direction the sign will be facing, and they are commonly made with an aluminum or steel frame and feature either a rigid or flexible face.

Pylon signs can display your branding or message on either one or both sides. Often pylon signs are illuminated or backlit with LED fluorescent lamps, however, they also can be left without illumination. While pylon is the technical term for this type of signage, you may hear them being referred to as road signs, highway signs, freestanding signs, or pole signs. No matter what you call it, it’s going to get your business noticed! Here are the four basic types of custom pylon signs:

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Single-pole mount signs

Freestanding or single-pole pylon signs are a classic design that can be both economical and monumental in heightening your brand awareness.

Twin-pole mount signs

Twin-pole mounted pylon signs offer increased stability and can support more prominently formatted signs. Some people also prefer the symmetrical double pole aesthetic!

Covered pole signs

What is your pylon sign goal? Some businesses are looking for the benefits of a pylon sign, without the exposed structural pole. Covered pole signs achieve this! You can customize the pole’s cover to anything you can imagine.

Custom lightbox signs

Adding lighting to your business’s pylon signage keeps it highly visible during the day and night, or in less than ideal weather conditions. Take your outdoor advertising to the max!

A custom light box pylon sign advertising multiple dental practices

The Benefits of Pylon Signage


What is the best part about a pylon sign? Americans’ average one-way commute is just over 26 minutes —that means the average American spends nearly 200 hours per year in their car commuting to work. If your business is not yet capitalizing on highly-visible roadside signage to draw in more customers, it’s time to start!


Pylon signage is an excellent option to get your business’s message out there beautifully —although some who haven’t seen a well-designed pylon sign may consider them unsightly! We’re here to help you create a beautiful pylon sign. LED illumination options can make your sign extra eye-catching, even from a great distance.


Pylon signs can be placed wherever they will garner the most attention, giving you extra freedom to draw customers in from further distances away from your business. They’re a great outdoor advertising choice if your business is hard to see from a main road or highway! Your only dilemma will be deciding what location is best for your pylon sign.

Pylon signs are often located away from your main business and are placed at the entrance to your property or along the road to allow customers to find you more easily. Keep in mind that depending on regulations in your area, you may be restricted as to the maximum allowable height for your sign.

Pylon signage can be an excellent choice for businesses with any of the following qualities:

  • Set back from a main road
  • Set behind a parking lot area
  • Obstructed by something like another building, blocking customers’ view
  • Looking to attract traffic from a nearby highway
  • Set in an industrial area with little to no traffic

A double pole pylon sign advertising three businesses

Trust Instant Signs for Your Pylon Signage Needs

When you choose Instant Signs for your pylon sign needs, you’ll enjoy benefits including competitive pricing, expert guidance, a highly skilled and creative team, and prompt service. What is your dream pylon sign? We’re here to help you achieve it.

We understand that small businesses in Orange County require the best from their signage — they need a sign that will help promote their brand and make an immediate impact. We pride ourselves on offering the finest indoor and outdoor business signs at an affordable price with exceptional customer service! Our focus on personable and personalized service is evident in our incredible client relationships, and in our customers’ rave reviews about our honesty, integrity, customer support, and willingness to stand behind our work.

Look no further than Instant Signs, your trusted source for exterior and interior signage in Orange County and Los Angeles. We offer a wide variety of signs to boost your outdoor advertising and help your business make a lasting impression on customers, including channel letter signs, monument signs, and acrylic letter signs. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching signage for the exterior of your building or attractive interior signage to showcase your business to potential new customers, we have you covered!

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