Prevailing Wage Sign Contractor

Prevailing wage laws ensure that all contractors who bid on public construction projects will pay workers the proper wages. Additionally, prevailing wages ensure that projects are constructed by safe, highly-skilled, and well-trained craftspeople to the highest standards. But what does it mean to be a prevailing wage sign contractor?

Let’s take a closer look…

What Are Prevailing Wages?

Essentially, a prevailing wage acts as a minimum wage for the craftspeople working on public projects. Prevailing wages prevent contractors from using cheap labor to undercut local work staff. 

The purpose of prevailing wages is to level the playing field for the craftspeople since regardless of where the labor comes from, the costs will be the same.

Where Do Prevailing Wages Apply?

Under the Davis-Bacon Act, all federal projects follow prevailing wage requirements, meaning any federal construction projects within the United States.

On a state level, 32 states have prevailing wage laws, of which California is included. The prevailing wages rates are published by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) of California.

Benefits of Prevailing Wage Laws

All parties involved, including workers, businesses, and taxpayers, benefit from prevailing wage laws in multiple ways. Some of the benefits of prevailing wage laws include:

  • Promoting the increase of wages and productivity
  • Protecting market rates with a strong union presence
  • Leveling the playing field for companies to bid for contracts
  • Promoting high-quality work
  • Producing good value for taxpayers
  • Helping close racial pay gaps
  • Supporting good wages and benefits

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