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Prevailing Wage Determination at Instant Signs

Prevailing wage laws ensure that all contractors who bid on public construction projects will pay workers the proper wages. Additionally, prevailing wages ensure that projects are constructed by safe, highly-skilled, and well-trained craftspeople to the highest standards.

Instant Signs is a C-45 licensed contractor and is registered as a Public Works Contractor with the Department of Industrial Relations. This means that we are able to pull sign permits, install your signs to code, and bid for work on state and federally-funded jobs (aka prevailing wage construction jobs). But what does it mean to be a prevailing wage sign contractor? Read on to have your prevailing wage determination questions answered, and discover a bit more about what goes into being a C-45, prevailing wage sign contractor.

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Prevailing Wage Laws Benefit Workers and the Community

Instant Signs abides by and supports all prevailing wage construction job laws in California. Our highly-skilled workers ensure that you get the very best results from your high-quality, custom signage —and they deserve the very best in return. Like our commitment to delivering the very best signage, prevailing wage laws ensure the best for project workers and their communities.

  • Prevailing wage determination ensures that public works contractors are not able to unfairly secure a public works contract based on paying much lower wage rates than their competitors.
  • When bidding on a public works project, all bidders are required to use the same wage rates.
  • All parties involved, including workers, businesses, and taxpayers, benefit from prevailing wage determination.

What Are Prevailing Wages?

The prevailing wage rate is defined as the average wage paid to similarly employed workers within a specific occupation in the area of employment. Essentially, a prevailing wage acts as a minimum wage for the craftspeople working on construction jobs and public projects. Prevailing wage determination protects workers, and prevents contractors from using cheap labor and the underpayment of local work staff in order to get their projects completed at unfair, ultra-low rates.

The purpose of prevailing wages is to level the playing field for the craftspeople. Regardless of where the labor comes from, the costs will be the same —ensuring fair pay. Employers overseeing projects where prevailing wages apply must agree to pay their beneficiaries at least this wage, and must also show that they are financially capable of paying this wage before the project begins. Employers can do this through income and bank statements, or through evidence of the salaries of similar workers in the organization.

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How Are Prevailing Wages Determined?

The organizations responsible for prevailing wage determination are the National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC) and the Department of Labor. The NPWC along with the Department of Labor base their determinations on data gathered throughout the United States, and determine a prevailing wage based on the wages of other individuals in the geographic area who fill the same role and have similar qualifications.

Where Do Prevailing Wages Apply?

Under the Davis-Bacon Act, all federal projects follow prevailing wage requirements, meaning any federal construction jobs within the United States. On a state level, 32 states have prevailing wage laws, of which California is included. The prevailing wage rates are published by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) of California, and must be paid to all workers employed on a public works project when the project exceeds $1000 in cost.

California Prevailing Wage Law requires those workers on publicly-funded construction projects (“public works”) to be paid union wages determined by the State. In recent years, however, the definition of public works has expanded to include additional areas of work.

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We’d love the opportunity to work with you and earn your business at Instant Signs, where we abide by and support all prevailing wage determination and construction job laws in California. Our highly-skilled signage experts deliver the best signs for your business, so they deserve the best in return.

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