Cast Aluminum Letters At Los Alamitos Army Reserve Base

We were first contacted by a Major at the 79th Sustainment Command at Los Alamitos Joint Forces Army Base, in Los Alamitos CA,  in January this year to see about making some building signs for the new building they most recently had built for them.

After many proofs and revisions, we settled upon a set of cast aluminum letters and a 48″ diameter cast 3D  US ARMY RESERVE seal.

We never heard anything from them for a couple of months, and then 3 weeks ago we got the call from their purchasing department announcing that we had been awarded the contract.

The only problem was that the 3D cast aluminum seal takes 4-6 weeks to be fabricated, so we routed a 2 layered PVC seal for the Grand Opening Ceremony, where the Sergeant who’s name the building bears’ family were present to see how he was honored in the memory of his ultimate sacrifice.

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