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What is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are an excellent way to get your commercial premises noticed! For businesses without a readily visible front, a well-placed monument sign can mean the difference between someone driving past or stopping to visit your location. Instant Signs offers a variety of architectural monument signage with custom materials and finishes, so you’re sure to find something that matches your business’ needs. What is your dream monument sign? Contact us today to get started! A white, yellow, and red monument sign advertising the YMCA

So What is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs help you achieve an overall stronger presence for your business. Simply put, these architectural signs will sit at ground level and are freestanding signs. They offer commuters a direct line of sight to your signage, and can be built with your choice of high-quality materials including brick or stone. From the design to the structural finishes, the choice is yours!

See Our Monument Sign Projects

Our custom driveway entrance signs are very versatile — they offer nearly endless design options! Most contain your business name, logo, and information for your customers, but we’ll work with you to create the perfect design and structure. A great first step is deciding between a single building or a multi-tenant monument sign. Single building monument signs are helpful for stand-alone buildings, and indicate stability and permanence while helping customers to quickly identify your business. Multi-tenant monument signs, on the other hand, are helpful in strip malls, outside office buildings, or industrial parks. Visitors to your location will see where your business is located and which other businesses operate in that area. What is your main goal for your monument sign?

The Benefits of Architectural Monument Signs

Increase visibility

Monument signs are short yet powerful! They’re also perfect for businesses without a readily visible front, like convenience stores or gas stations. These custom driveway entrance signs help customers to spot your logo from afar, increasing your chances of getting noticed by potential customers walking or driving past your location.

Match your brand

Many types of businesses can take advantage of monument signage, from auto dealerships and restaurants, to retail stores in retail parks or off a highway. Best of all, we can work with you to create an architectural sign that perfectly matches and boosts your existing branding. Give your business a consistent look to help with brand recognition! A custom monument sign advertising Le Park Apartments

Outdoor signs boost marketing

What is a monument sign’s best feature? Monument signs are ideal for businesses that want to stand out in the crowd! These easy-to-read architectural signs are eye-catching and creatively styled, making them a powerful way to get your commercial premises noticed (and remembered) from main roadways or intersections.

Durable and low-maintenance

Commercial outdoor signage like monument signs are built to be durable and easy to maintain. We’ll design, fabricate, and install your simple, elegant signage using durable, weather-resistant materials for an inviting look 24/7, 365 days a year.

Your Custom Driveway Entrance Sign Options

The common monument sign is no taller than about five feet. These signs offer a sleek, low profile with little to no open space between the ground and the sign itself. It displays your message at eye height and incorporates beautifully with your landscaping!

With that being said, it’s important to note that architectural monument signs are incredibly versatile. Whether you require a single building monument sign or a multi-tenant monument sign, you’ll have a wide range of design options and features that you can implement to help make your sign stand out. Once you provide us with your sign content (including logo, text, and other artwork for display), and the proposed sign location, we will work with you to prepare your custom monument sign design. This design will be comprehensive and complete with site plans, mock-ups, layouts, dimensions, and more.

Wondering if an architectural monument sign is right for your business, or what your other options are? Contact us today and our signage experts can guide you to your perfect sign match.

Why Choose Instant Signs?

As a Certified Women-Owned Small Business and Certified Small Business Enterprise, we understand that Orange County business owners require the very best for every aspect of their monument signage. That’s why we offer price matching to competitors, consistent and reliable timelines, and free custom banners while you await your new, custom driveway entrance sign.

If you’re looking for a full-service signage company in Orange County and Los Angeles, look no further than Instant Signs! We offer a variety of eye-catching signs for all of your business needs – whether it’s interior or exterior signs, channel letter signs, monument signs, or acrylic letter signs. Serving as your one-stop sign shop is what we’re here for! We’ll design, fabricate, and install your custom signage.

Whether it’s a ground-up signage project, or relocating or refurbishing an existing sign, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business for custom architectural monument signage in Orange County. Contact us today to book your free consultation with one of our signage experts!

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