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Different Types of Signs for Businesses: Choosing the Right One

a twin-pole mounted pylon sign advertising Norton and Indian Motorcycles
Los Cerritos YMCA facility monument sign
Exterior 3D foam letter sign for Michael Kors

When it comes to marking your business’s presence, choosing the right signage can make all the difference. Signage isn’t just about branding; it’s about creating an immediate, inviting, and lasting impact on your potential customers.

Let’s explore some different types of signage for businesses, and discover how Instant Signs can be your guiding star in this ever-important journey.

Types of Signs and Their Advantages

Channel Letter Signs

A channel letter sign advertising Wash & Go Laundry

What are they?
Channel letter signs consist of individually-crafted three-dimensional letters. You’ll choose the perfect color, font style, materials, lighting methods, and more. These signs can be mounted independently or on a raceway for a streamlined look.

Why choose them?
These signs are ideal for businesses that want a dynamic and modern look. A choice of eco-friendly LED illumination not only ensures extended visibility but also accentuates the 3D effect, creating a vibrant presence and drawing in potential customers both day and night.

Monument Signs

What are they?
Monument signs combine design with stature. They’re low, grounded, and often made with materials that complement the architectural elements of the surrounding environment. Tailor your sign with long-lasting materials like brick, stone, metal, and high-quality plastics.

Why choose them?
This type of sign is perfect for institutions, offices, gated communities, and more. Well-designed monument signs’ stately presence right at eye level makes them highly visible and easy to read, drawing in customers and setting the tone.

Pylon (Pole) Signs

What are they?
Pylon signs are mounted on poles and located away from other businesses, featuring your business name and any promotions or essential details you’d like to highlight. Choose between single-pole mount, twin-pole mount, or covered pole variants.

Why choose them?
Perfectly suited for shopping centers, gas stations, and businesses near highways or busy intersections, the height of pylon signs (and the option to illuminate them) offers truly unrivaled visibility—even in crowded locales or from great distances.

Foam Letter Signs

What are they?
An artistic blend of finesse and versatility, foam letter signs offer sturdy depth and dimension without the weight of metal or wood. They can be intricately designed and crafted from outdoor or indoor-rated foam.

Why choose them?
For businesses in need of lightweight, price-conscious, and extremely versatile signage with a touch of sophistication, this type of sign is a wonderful option. With multiple foam types to choose from, they are effective for both indoor branding and exterior facades.

Box Signs

What are they?
Versatility is the word when it comes to box signs. Box signs, or lighted cabinet signs, are framed structures housing translucent panels. They offer consistent illumination—natural during the day and LED at night—ensuring your message is clear at all hours.

Why choose them?
Suitable for businesses of all different types, box signs combine the benefits of 3D signage with the affordability often required by startups or smaller establishments. These signs are ideal for businesses operating during nighttime or those located in dimly lit areas. They are a beacon, drawing in customers with their consistent glow and enhancing visibility and brand recall.

Interior Signs

a white SUNRUN interior sign on a blue wall

What are they?
Beyond mere indicators, interior signs are instrumental in shaping the in-house experience. With total customization freedom, they can range from elegant reception signs to informational and functional directory boards and room labels.

Why choose them?
Every business with a physical presence needs them! They not only aid in navigation but also reinforce brand identity. They’re essential in malls, offices, hospitals, and other large establishments, ensuring visitors have a seamless experience.

Sign Off on the Right Choice

With so many different types of signage for businesses to choose from, you can achieve the perfect look for your unique needs and vision. Whether you’re a startup cafe in a bustling neighborhood or an established institution seeking a refreshed image, there’s a perfect sign out there just for you.

With Instant Signs by your side, you’re not just picking a sign; you’re curating an experience. Let your business shine and resonate, one sign at a time.

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